Transforming Property Management for Good

Lettings, block & property management, fully staffed, from your mobile & desktop. A complete and transparent real-time service for owners, managers, tenants and contractors. Cost efficient, data rich, hassle free. The whole process, banking included, for how we live today.

Herddle will completely change what you expect from your property partners.

Available onDesktop andMobile


Track your property like any other investment. The full lettings & management service, with our tech-enabled staff using state-of-the-art systems. Authorise, communicate, sign & maintain - everything, anywhere, any time. Statements like bank accounts. Peace of mind, for a single property or a whole portfolio.

  • Easily communicate with our Herddle Agents

  • The whole process, including payments

  • Text, whatsapp, phone, email

  • Straightforward maintenance

  • Statements & documents to hand

Institutional Investors

Unlock your portfolio’s potential & give yourself the edge. All properties in one place with drill-down granular data. Encourage longer tenancies & make higher returns, served by fulfilled managers using state-of-the-art systems. Receipts & payments fully integrated. A modern service you and your tenants will love.

  • Your own managers or ours

  • Data analytics, reports & insights

  • Integrated payments & receipts

  • Cloud-based reliability & security

  • Block management included

How can Herddle
accelerate your portfolio?

Bringing Lettings, Block & Property Management into the 21st Century


See jobs, quote, organise and do your work all from your phone, at home or on the move. Fast and intuitive with less wasted time and reduced admin. No more after hours invoicing or chasing payments. Your life and work more rewarding.

Residents & Tenants

Easily arrange, sign and manage your tenancies or communicate with your agent. Fewer visits to agencies. Manage maintenance and make payments via your phone. Have confidence in your property, for a better tenancy.

Block Management

Integrated block management. Easier processes with ground rents, service charges included. Fully transparent, all documents viewable with no hidden extras. Cost efficient service budgets. Leaseholders can combine with their own maintenance and lettings services too.

Social Housing Providers

Unlock your portfolio’s potential. Maximise your impact. All your properties in one place, for you, your own managers or ours. Analytics to help tenants improve their credit score or give you the edge with investors and donors. Resolve management issues with objective behavioural data.


Herddle is finally providing what the industry has been crying out for! The platform enables me to efficiently communicate with Landlords, Tenants & Contractors, streamlining process & making me a much better agent to our clients’

Make your property management flow.