Service is the #1 priority for property management

Are you an estate agent? A negotiator? A Consultant? Are you a high street agent? An online agent? A hybrid (whatever that means) agent?

Who cares? 

Because what really matters is whether the service received justified the money exchanged for it. 

In every aspect of our personal and business lives these days we expect transparency, high service levels and data driven innovation. We expect service to be instant, pleasant, professional. And having experienced a decade of economic stagnation, political disorientation and resulting social and cultural shifts, we expect companies to have humanity and purpose, existing for more than profits. 

In the world of property investment and transaction, that means instructing professionals that are experienced, commercially disciplined and who feel passionately about bringing service led innovation to this most archaic of industries.

It means that the pioneers, the true household brands of tomorrow, will focus on investment in their staff. Training, working environment and culture. Their incentives, pay and commission. Are they aligned with those of the customer and providing best in class service? It’ll also mean investment in technology that revolutionises staff efficiency and allows them to truly provide value add. It certainly won’t mean funnelling money into rent for branches on every high street corner and inflated middle management pay.