Agents’ knowledge of the local area is one of the key areas that they add real value. It means the right market rent is set immediately, attracting the right tenants quickly and efficiently, and enabling a successful tenancy with minimum voids. No languishing on the market for weeks, months even.

Real local knowledge comes from on the ground experience. Knowing where the schools, shops, amenities, transport links are… yes. But also really knowing what makes the area tick, what types of people it attracts, plans for local businesses and events, what it’s like on a Saturday night – or a Tuesday morning.

That information can’t be gleaned online. From price comparison sites, algorithms or statistical data. 

We’re often asked how we can know the right market rent to set for properties across London and the South East without an office on every corner.

The answer is straightforward. Local knowledge isn’t about sitting in a branch. It’s about living, working, being immersed in the area.

At Herddle we look for experienced, dedicated Agents who are passionate about their area. They work flexibly – from home or from their nearest associated hub. Because for us, local isn’t about the branch, it’s about the Agent.