Know where you are.
Peace of mind.

Available onDesktop andMobile

Everything at the touch of a button.

Everything about your tenancy & your home. Payments, signatures, maintenance, renewals, agreements and more. Clear statements showing what you’ve paid.

Easy, intuitive communication

Visit a branch only when you really need to. It’s easy to get in touch with our Herddle agents. Communication for how we live today.

Straightforward maintenance

Easy to organise maintenance. Simple, intuitive, no gizmos, with everything needed for our contractors. Know what’s happening and arrange convenient times for when the work is to be done.

Develop your tenant profile

Get recognition for what really matters: like paying your rent on time, responsible maintenance & care for the property. Build a Herddle record to put you ahead for future tenancies, and for other references too.

Longer happier tenancies

It works both ways - landlords also use the Herddle platform. They buy into the same quality of service and respect for the community.

Confidence and quality

Lettings and property management for how we live today. Respecting the needs of all residents and underwritten by the principles of our Herddle Charter.

Make your property management flow.

Herddle is game changing. We’ve cut our property administration process down by over 20%, giving us more time to provide proactive portfolio management of real value to our customers.

It was immediately evident that Herddle understood the problem and struck the right balance of creating a tech enabled solution for skilled professionals to provide a transformative service for their clients.

Herddle is finally providing what the industry has been crying out for! The platform enables me to efficiently communicate with Landlords, Tenants & Contractors, streamlining process & making me a much better agent to our clients.