We built a team of property professionals to make your life easier

Herddle’s network of agents, contractors and property managers lets landlords enjoy a stress-free experience.

What makes Herddle different

Tech Enabled

More efficient with access to leading technology.

In-house team

Thoroughly vetted before working with any client.

Unrivalled service

Providing uncommon value to renters & landlords.

Certified Contractors

Professionally vetted contractors for all job sizes.

Ensuring tenant happiness. Removing the hassle from landlords

Tenants enjoy their rental with regular communication and access at the touch of a button.

Proactive management

Maintenance issues handled efficiently, quick contract renewals, utility switching covered and more. Tenants always know where they’re at.

Vetted contractor network

High-calibre contractors to make sure jobs get done quickly and to a high standard.

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