In recent years our lives and almost all business categories have been transformed. We take for granted that our lives are technologically enabled by Google, Amazon, Uber, Netflix. Even our banks, historically the most conservative of institutions, have put control of our finances in our pockets accurately, transparently and in real time.

We expect service to be instant, pleasant, professional and we expect to give and see reviews to help us make decisions, and we expect companies will use data to serve us better. We expect companies to have humanity and purpose, behaving ethically, existing for more than profits, and giving back to customers, society and the world.

All these changes have disrupted business, swept aside old ways, transformed expectations – but not in property and block management, this category still operates by Dickensian standards. It is obviously time it was exposed to a little progress.

The conservative nature of the property industry and an eagerness to protect traditional fee earning methods have been major barriers to the growth of technological developments within the industry. In recent years this reluctance to pursue new solutions is dissipating and significant momentum has been building.

As the buzz word Proptech exploded onto the scene, there has been significant and wide-ranging approaches to disrupt the status quo, from directly wrestling market share from traditional high street estate agents to providing new platforms for lending, tenant onboarding, referencing and maintenance to name but a few.

Online agents have in recent times experienced well documented setbacks with the demise of Hatched, Tepilo and eMove and the continuing challenges facing the likes of Purplebricks. The sales market is a challenging beast to tackle as the aforementioned companies have discovered.

With significantly longer marketing and transaction lead times, greater volatility from macro- economic changes and difficulties automating tasks such as valuations and sales progression that require a higher component of skilled labour than was initially anticipated. Lettings and management are naturally more suited to a digital solution due in part to the quicker nature of transactions and the emphasis towards repeated transactions.

Herddle is an exciting new entrant to the lettings and management industry who tackle the entire lettings and management process flow from marketing and finding a tenant to managing the property through the lifecycle of the tenancy.

When you strip back the entire property management job flow it becomes evident that a lot of the processes involve connecting people to other people located elsewhere within the flow. At this point it becomes bleedingly obvious that the entire property management job flow is crying out to be automated through clever, intuitive technology.

Herddle seeks to be the first digital property management solution that doesn’t just sell their innovative platform to the highest bidder. Having developed market leading technology Herddle are actively building a robust network of experienced professional property managers and lettings agents to serve their landlords

The automation of mundane tasks for both agents and property managers reduces the risk of losing business through poor customer service. It also enables staff to be empowered in providing a level of service that was previously being hindered by burdensome time-consuming processes.

Until a computer can fix a toilet, lettings and management will always remain a people industry. Herddle’s aim is to ensure that everyone who is involved at any stage of the property management lifecycle enjoys a far better experience than what they are currently encountering.

We at Herddle believe that is how you truly disrupt the status quo.