Your portfolio, large or small,
at the push of a button

Available onDesktop andMobile

The complete service

The whole lettings & management process, on your mobile or desktop. Communicate with our staff, authorise, sign & maintain - anywhere, any time. Set your own authority levels. Peace of mind with full transparency.

Integrated receipts & payments

See your account entries in real time, with clear statements in bank account format and full drill down. All the info for your tax return, too.

Data-rich insights

Unlock your portfolio’s potential, and optimise your returns. Financial analytics & performance metrics, providing knowledge for your next purchase. Bring your whole portfolio across & track it all in one place.

Tech-enabled quality service

Top quality service from your Herddle staff, with old-fashioned processes a thing of the past.

Secure document library

Contracts, compliance certificates & invoices added automatically, and upload anything else needed. Simply, incredibly useful.

Straightforward maintenance

Well-managed process for legitimate jobs; simple, intuitive, no gizmos. Set agent authority levels, specify preferred contractors, accept quotes, see jobs getting done. Approved payments direct from your client account.

Affordable price

10%+ VAT all in. That’s it. Lettings commission included. Charged over the tenancy, not all up front. The only extra is inventory at cost. No hidden extras, admin fees, handling fees or “this, that and the other”.

Make your property management flow.

Herddle is game changing. We’ve cut our property administration process down by over 20%, giving us more time to provide proactive portfolio management of real value to our customers.

It was immediately evident that Herddle understood the problem and struck the right balance of creating a tech enabled solution for skilled professionals to provide a transformative service for their clients.

Herddle is finally providing what the industry has been crying out for! The platform enables me to efficiently communicate with Landlords, Tenants & Contractors, streamlining process & making me a much better agent to our clients.