A tech-enabled lettings & property management service

Enjoy a smarter way to maintain your portfolio by using a service that combines technology with people.

End-to-end technology that creates a better level of service

Manage Portfolio

Tenants, Agents, Contractors & Landlords streamlined in one platform.

Portfolio Metrics

Track rental income, voids, RevPau and performance for your portfolio.

Payments Tracking

Automatically collect rent, pay contractors and track invoices.

Documents Library

Securely store documents (EPC, safety certificates, lease, etc.) and always be compliant.

Access your property. Anywhere

All of your account details are in real time on Herddle. Keep track of maintenance costs, get clear statements in bank account format, and even export information for tax returns.

Automated compliance & payments

Compliance certificates, invoices, and rent are all automated and instantly accessible on the Herddle platform.

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